The Five Popular Paving Solutions for your Driveway

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Paving Solution Choices

If you are improving the aesthetics of your home, landscaping is the first thing that comes in your mind. First impressions almost always latch on your landscape; this is called the kerb side appeal. The kerb side appeal is an important part of the overall look of your house. You should have a plan that allows your driveway to get the right impression. Improving the front of your house is one of the best decisions you can make as a home owner.

To increase both the value and the appeal of your property, driveways should be enhanced. This should also give a wonderful introduction to the visitors to your home. Driveways cover a lot of area, meaning, you really have to consider beautifying your driveways because they do occupy the majority of the outside of your house. Not all styles will fit your home, you should consider designs that should complement the looks of your house. Below are the popular surfaces for driveways and their characteristics.



Durable and sturdy, driveways with tarmac surface will last for years. You do need much maintenance when you choose this one. Tarmacs are both cost-effective and increase the value of property.

Resin Bound Surfacing


This kind of surfacing will give the appearance of loose gravel. But unlike the actual loose gravel surfacing, resin bound surfacing does not have the former’s complicated upkeep. This is also decorative and is beautiful to look at. The texture of resin bound surfacing discourages slippage too.

Indian Sandstone


This is a popular option for driveways because its colours. The natural blend of colours of Indian Sandstone is a great visual feast. This does make the driveway look natural. The materials for this kind of driveway are also available in range of colours.

Block Paving


This creates kerb appeal and is incredibly durable. You should expect block paving to last for years. This also adds value to the property. Block paving is easy to install and can be laid quickly on a compacted sub-base. It also creates a good looking driveway.

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Concrete is the most popular driveway solution. This is suitable to all kinds of climate, and weather conditions. This is also low maintenance and takes years to war. If you are going for a traditional look, concrete paving is your best bet.



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