The Proper Way to Clean and Maintain your Fences

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Fencing Maintenance Tips

Fences offer both functional and aesthetic value in your homes and gardens. Installing fences adds that creative and stunning element in your area while protecting your family from outside interference. Regular cleaning and maintenance is a must to prolong the pristine look and sturdy structure of your fences. However, every fence differs – some fences are made of wood while others are made of steel, vinyl or aluminium.  In this post we will be discussing how to properly maintain difference types of fences.

How to Clean Vinyl Fences

The reasons behind cleaning vinyl fences are mainly to prevent further build-up of grass and soil from grass or leaf cutting and from debris left out by a strong wind or rain. Most vinyl fences are cleaned by spraying down with water hose. Oftentimes there are stains that accumulate that can't be easily rid of by water alone. In this instance it is wise to apply soapy water when cleaning.


All you need to do is to get a bucket of water and mix it up with vinyl cleaning solution or environment-friendly product that is safe to apply on vinyl. Then use a soft rag cloth to wipe off the areas with stains. You way also use a spray bottle to target affected areas and wipe them down. And rinse everything with water hose and let it air dry.

How to Maintain a Wooden Fence

Often times you may notice some discolouration or a decrease in brightness of the paint or stain applied in your wooden fence. There are some moulds starting to develop as well. The first thing to do when cleaning your wooden fence is to lay your grass underneath the fence with plastic sheets. Doing this will protect your garden grassfrom any harmful chemical solutions applied on your wooden fences.


Mix 1 part bleach into 2 parts water to create a common cleaning solution for wood. Apply the solution on the fence and allow it to soak. You will then notice that the wooden fence will start to look brighter and cleaner. Rinse it then with water hose then allow it to air dry. Once everything is dry and clean, you can then apply a stain or wood sealant to protect it and add a fresh new look. Note that it is not recommended to apply paint on your wooden fence. Apply this process once every three to five years to prolong the pristine look of your wooden fences.

Cleaning Steel and Aluminium Fences

It is often very simple to clean steel and aluminium fences. Metal fences are mostly cleaned by spraying water hoses. For any formation of stain, all you have to do is to create a soapy water solution in a bucket. Fill the bucket with warm water with cleaning solution that does not promote rust growth. Then use a bristle to scrub off the affected areas and rinse it well with water hose and you are done. It is that easy, almost anyone can do it!


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