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Patio Paving Facts

Installing a patio paving is hard work but it is very doable. It is not the easiest thing to build, but is not the most difficult either. A patio paving is only difficult if you do not know the basics and you are not familiar with its characteristics. Do not worry; we have everything covered here from the basics to tips and tricks.

Paving is the Cheaper Solution

Patios are constructed with different base materials; however, paving is one of the best solutions because it is both cheap and easy to install and then the aftercare is a breeze. True, the initial cost is higher than the other solutions but as time passes by, the savings accumulated is much higher because there is no need to seal the patios constantly and or remove the stains. Repairs are also optimal for the paving setting because you only have to repair them one paving block at a time.


The Deeper, The Better

You must dig down deep about six inches or more, making sure that you are deeper than the root level of vegetation. Before you do this do, you must contact your local utilities to make sure that you are not going to exhume plumbing, cable, and electrical lines.

No Weeds

In order for you to have minimal maintenance in terms of weeding or taking out unwanted plants in your patio, you can always use a landscaping cloth in creating obstructions between the base (sand) and the old soil. The formula in calculating the square footage of your patio is just getting the Area (Length*Width) then add 10 %.

Base and Drainage

For the base, you need it to be solid, levelled, and smooth. Therefore, you should pack in the paving base with a plate compactor or tamper.

For the drainage, you have to ensure that it slopes away from your home. It should be directed to an area that can handle more moisture, likely an already existing drainage location. Rule of thumb, for every two feet of distance, you must drop a quarter inch in elevation.


Colours and Fit

Colour variation for your paving is a nice addition. You can blend different types of piles of stones, bricks, and other materials. Go for the natural look, not a patchwork one.

Chisel is necessary for fitting the paving. There will be a need for fitting the paving because of not everything will be equal. If there is a wet saw that you can rent on your local home centre, it is the better solution.

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Dealing with Cracks

Apply layers of sand between the paving and the cracks. Make sure that you put enough that the crack is totally filled with sand. Sealing the cracks will minimize weeds and allow proper drainage.


More Paving for Savings

Remember to have some extra stones and bricks in case you will need them. You can avail discounts from bulk purchases. This will also save you a trip to the stores, and you are sure that you have the same or compatible paving. Paving materials get discontinued all the time, or might be available when you need them. Broken paving are easily removed by prying them out with a screwdriver, or a pry bar.



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